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Warstride Challenges gives us gameplay


Through this brand new brutal and frenetic trailer, Warstride Challenges reveals its gameplay in detail.

the Bloodthirsty FPS from Dream Powered Games and Focus Entertainment returns with this new trailer. Available from April 19 in early access on Steam, Warstride Challenges has now gained a fanbase thanks to its enjoyable gameplay and its multiplayer and competitive approach.

This shooter invites you to pulverize hordes of monsters and demons while jumping from platform to platform to gain speed. You will have at your disposal a whole arsenal of weapons and skills devastating in order to reach the finish line.

His aspect die and retry will allow you to perfect yourself and tirelessly restart each level in order to challenge players, speedrunners and community streamers while setting unbeatable record times. Warstride Challenges also has a level editor where you can create and share your own challenges and show off your skills on fully customizable challenges.

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