Home News Warzone 2 would be closer to Blackout (BlackOps 4) than to Warzone

Warzone 2 would be closer to Blackout (BlackOps 4) than to Warzone


Apparently, for its Warzone 2, Activision studios would have chosen to approach the battle royale of BlackOps 4, Blackout.

At this rate, they will not even be out yet that we will know everything about them, Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 are expected for the end of the year (hopefully, since nothing has been formalized) and leak info here and there as time goes by. And today, it is Warzone 2 which is the subject of new rumors about it.

Would Warzone 2 copy one of the worst games of the license for its famous “revolution”?

This time, it’s the Youtuber NeroCinema who has decided to play it indiscreet and reveals some details about the direction that Activision’s next battle royale will take and according to his information, Warzone 2 would be closer to Blackout, BR appeared in the BlackOps 4. Claims more or less confirmed by the sources of Tom Henderson and VGC.

For the moment, these hallway noises only speak of gameplay-related aspects, we learn for example that the armor system will have been redesigned and would now require equipping a dedicated satchel before being able to pick up armor. Likewise, it would now be more difficult to get your hands on its pre-registered loadouts. Where Warzone simply asks us to have a package delivered for a few dollars, in Warzone 2, you will have to go to “bastions”, fortified and dangerous places where we will be asked to complete a series of objectives to be able to collect high-end weaponry and your own classes.

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The insider also indicates that other mechanics from Blackout may have been carried over, without giving further details. He finally adds thata training ground to test his equipment would indeed be part of it.

Activision and Infinity Ward seem to want to ensure an optimal experience by drawing ideas here and there, as a reminder, the publisher is still selling Warzone 2 as a “revolution of the genre”. It remains to be seen what he means by that.

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