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We Are One: help yourselves


In We Are One, you will be alone to solve the puzzles, but fortunately you can multiply.

Fruit of the work of Austrian developers who met during their master’s degree at the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg and united under the independent label Flat Head Studio, We Are One presents itself as a VR puzzle shooter.

In the skin, or rather the foliage, of what is akin to a humanoid plantonly green key in a grayish world, you will rise in the face of galloping industrialization.

For this, you can only rely on yourself. Fortunately, you have the ability to rewind time and thus create duplicates of yourselves whose actions you will record in order to then deploy them at the appropriate time to defeat your opponents. And yes, you are alone but you are legion. Your best partner is within you.

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We Are One should come out for thefall 2022 on PCVR and Questbut you can already try your hand at Prologue available free on Steam as well as on the AppLab and SideQuest in beta version.

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