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We know more about the new South Park game, which changes hands


After Obsidian and Ubisoft San Francisco, a third studio will take care of the new adaptations of the South Park license on PC and consoles. With a future coop?

After two “recent” editions produced by Obsidian then Ubisoft San Francisco, franchise South park will change hands for his third South Park-debuted episode: The Stick of Truth. While it was already known that Trey Parker’s animated series was going to have a new adaptation, we had no further information.

Eurogamer suddenly spotted a tweet from Question Games which opens its recruitment to collaborators for a new project “in the world of South Park”. There is therefore no doubt about the name of the new studio in charge of this list.

Question has only made two games since 2015, The Magic Circle, an action-puzzle where you play as an RPG hero abandoned by his creator in FPS view and who must modify the game codes to solve the puzzles; and The Blackout Club, a co-op horror game in Phasmaphobia.

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The good news for fans is that this studio features former developers from the first two episodes, but also the Bioshock and Dishonored saga. We also learn that this new game will have a multiplayer dimension and could therefore be inspired by The Blackout Club to offer a coop.

While waiting to find out more, you can find the latest inexpensive opus right here:

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