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We Were Here Forever deploys its trailer


The fourth episode of the series of cooperative adventure and puzzle games We Were Here is preparing for its release with its launch trailer.

After We Were Here (2017), We Were Here Too (2018) and We Were Here Together (2019), it’s time for We Were Here Forever on May 10, 2022 on PC (Steam and Epic Games Store) at 17,99€before arriving then on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

This fourth installment of the franchise from the Dutch studio Total Mayhem Games will once again offer a morning puzzle adventure where the asymmetrical cooperation online will be required.

While you and your partner are trapped in castle rockyou will need to achieve escape by setting up a real teamworkwith the two players usually separated to explore a different area where the items necessary for their escape are located.

The launch trailer recently put online allows you to view the first gameplay footage of the game, with the essential jester’s voice to guide players through the various stages that await them.

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advertised as the largest and most graphically advanced game in the seriesWe Were Here Forever promises a more vivid world full of little details with more than 22 puzzles entirely new which should you ask more than 12 hours to solve.

Once outside the Dungeon, you will also discover Rockbury’s story where the inhabitants foment resistance against the king. And you will learn about the past events of this mysterious place. But can we really escape Castle Rock?

A lore overview of We Were Here is also available in a live-action video series titled We Were Here Stories: Chronicles of Castle Rock, with a taste of the new episode. This allows us to remember the history of these trapped antarctic explorers of the mysterious kingdom of Castle Rock. The last two episodes will be released one day before the game launches.

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