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Weird West shows us some in-game action


The action-RPG from WolfEye Studios returns to video to show us its combat mechanics and the skills available to us to sow death in our wake.

Still waiting for the March 31, 2022 on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox Game Pass (PC and console), after its postponement having deprived it of a release in January, Weird West remembers our good memories with a new gameplay video uploaded by Devolver Digital and reviewed by Raphael Colantoniothe creative director of WolfEye Studios.

The topic discussed here is that of game mechanics. The unbridled and ubiquitous combat that he proposes will ask to appeal to a certain strategyin particular to take advantage of the different interactive elements of the environment.

Additionally, you will have many abilities and other advantages to choose and improve according to the style of combat sought (rain of lightning, trail of flames…), always for more destructive efficiency and fun. But you can also bet on stealth (invisibility, stun arrows…), helping you in particular with ad-hoc tools related to weapons and skills.

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