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Weird West: the impact of your actions shown on video


Our stay in the Wild West will not be easy and our actions will affect the course of the game.

Whereas Weird West just got out, WolfEye Studios and Developer Digital take this opportunity to publish the fifth and final episode from their video series Road to Weird West.

Presented by the creative director Raf Colantoniowe learn how your every action affects your surroundings and affects your relationships with NPCs. How we interact with the characters we meet can seal the fate of the group of heroes whose adventures we follow.

In this wild west dark fantasy re-reading, we witness the struggle to survive between lawmen and bandits in the face of the presence of fantastic and terrifying creatures. In the heart of this pitiless land, it’s up to us to form our gang or embody the lonely hero in order to face the horrors of this world.

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Weird West is available since March 31 on PC, Playstation and Xbox but also on the Game Pass. Find our Weird West test.

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