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Weird West will hold you accountable for your actions


In the cruel and wild west, the relationships you have with the NPCs will have consequences on your adventure.

In the fourth episode of Road to Weird West uploaded by Devolver Digital, Raphael Colantoniofounder and ex-president of Arkane now creative director at WolfEye Studios of which he is the co-founder, is interested in relations that we will have with the inhabitants by Weird West.

Faced with your crimes, these will make you suffer the consequences if you get caught. Better to be discreet avoid jail and the wrath of the lawyerseven the tracking of bounty hunters if you run away.

The enemies you make could also seek revengeand remember that revenge is best served cold, so beware.

Conversely, having grateful citizens towards you can also save you the day sooner or later. The wild west is ruthless, but friendships are strong.

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Each of us will thus be able to build his own legend around the small band under his control from the March 31, 2022 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The game will also be released day one on the Xbox Game Pass.

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