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When Dreams is almost as strong as the Unreal Engine 5, it’s amazing


Dreams is an ultra-powerful creative tool in the right hands, and it proves it once again by rivaling the Unreal Engine 5.

Some time ago, a stunning video of a deserted station platform fully modeled under Unreal Engine 5 made the buzz. It must be said that the result is visually so close to reality that it is almost destabilizing.

Dreams still makes us dream

If Epic’s super graphics engine hasn’t finished surprising us, neither has Media Molecule’s creative game and proves to us once again that it has it in its belly.

Developer at Media Molecule for many years, Martin Nebelong has indeed redone the famous sequence of the station under Unreal Engine 5 using essentially the capabilities of Dreamsthe exclusive PlayStation game released in early 2020. In addition, the artist only used PS Moves and created all the elements by hand.

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The end result is truly impressive and once again proves that Dreams is a true monster of power with immense abilitieswhich is one of the reasons why we gave it the highest rating at the time.

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