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When Elden Ring becomes a piano sonata


Released in February 2022, Elden Ring has not left anyone indifferent and there is no shortage of eccentric performances of this game, as shown here.

Elden Ring inspires. And for good reason, FromSoftware’s latest game has given rise to a lot of mods and has also given the opportunity to different players to try themselves via means that can be described as unconventional. This is the case here, with the user Youtube who set out to visit the Land Between and face the formidable enemies that swarm there with his piano.

Let’s fight in music

Using the program Bome MIDI Translatorwhich allowed him to use his instrument for such a purpose, Omunchkin13 was able to confront the bosses of the game and, as he himself says in a note, defeat them. Easily? Not sure… apparently, his journey was not easy and he had to stop every 20 minutessince it was based on the free version of the software in question.

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Thus, this new and rather curious attempt joins another one made recently: that of Anna Ellsworth, who put her harp to work.

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