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When Elden Ring invites Tekken, the Simpsons, shrek and Thomas the locomotive


You will surely not have missed Hurricane Elden Ring. Acclaimed by players and critics, the latest from FromSoftware, renowned for its high standards, offers a bit of levity with a few memes from well-known universes.

We are extremely numerous to browse the lands of the Underworld, and you can imagine that this place offers a huge amount of panoramas and secrets to discover. However, it seems that this is not enough for some, since modders had fun incorporating a multitude of memes who resume well-known characters.

If the rendering somewhat distorts the result desired by FromSoftware, we can only applaud the initiatives that give hilarious results.

Thomas the Lake Locomotive

Let’s start quietly with this nice little locomotive that comes to take the place of a dragonwith music and sound effects that won’t be able to prevent you from smiling a little as the situation is so absurd.

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Note that you also have a tasty variant mounted by the sentry of the tree. Which suddenly gives a much less frightening result, despite the stoic gaze of our friend Thomas.

Homer Simpson, Shrek, the donkey, Goofy and the Muppet Show

This video really serves as melting pot of what you can find most absurd to discredit the universe of Elden Ring. Browse the adventure with Homer Simpson skinbolster dingo-headed turtlesfight frogs or stuffed animals from the Muppet Show and to finish, fight Shrek proudly posed on his ass! We leave it to you to discover all this on the Youtube channel ToastedShoes. Enjoy!

Elden Tekken Tag Tournament

This mod published by ultraboy is surely the most convincing since it can be integrated into the PC version of Tekken 7 adding 7 new characters from Elden Ring. We will not quote them here so as not to spoil you and let you discover them in the following video.

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Know for the record that this mod has sown so much doubt in the heads of the players who reacted Katsuhiro Harada, director and producer of the Tekken series.

“Uh… of course, Elden is a Bandai Namco funded title, and I was the general production manager in charge of Elden, so that’s not out of line.” “This is a ridiculously well done mod but please stop it lol.”

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