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When Hideo Kojima is blamed by a politician for the death of Shinzo Abe


Damien Rieu, a far-right politician specializing in bad buzz on Twitter, had yet another stroke of genius. He presented Hideo Kojima as the assassin of the former Japanese prime minister.

As of this morning, Damien Rieu and Hideo Kojima are trending on social networks. But not for a new game or another polemical release on extreme right-wing ideas. The Zemmourist candidate in the last legislative electionsThe former RN and co-founder of the small group Generation identitaire, is considered one of the main “nationalist influencers” by the media. As a result, the tweet he shared on Friday was widely viewed, and especially very criticized and mocked by the players.

Indeed, this night, the former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abewas shot twice in the neck during a political speech on the sidelines of the elections to the House of Councillors. The man who shot him is a former member of Japan’s “marines”, the Maritime Self-Defense Force. In his tweet, Damien Rieu then shared three photos of Hideo Kojima, the famous video game designer, with this mention: “the far left kills”.

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Kojima-san can be seen there posing next to a painting of Che Guevaraor wearing a T-shirt with this iconic face of the far left. According to Twitter investigators, this share would come from an obvious troll of a parody account that had presented Kojima as the assassin. Obviously, aware of his mistake, the politician eventually removed his tweet.

In addition to being the supposed front man for Hasan Kahramanthe founder of Blue Box and the ghost game Abandoned, Hideo Kojima will now be a far-left activist and notorious criminal. For the record, the fact that Shinzo Abe’s assassin is a communist soldier is also a fake news shared by the fachosphere. The killer would be Tetsuya Yamagami, an isolated and non-politicized man who just says he is “unhappy with the former prime minister”…

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Zero. Zero. Repetition requested.

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