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When the “cleaners” are gone, it’s the turn of the real ones in Serial Cleaners


In this sequel to Serial Cleaner (without S), you play as a team of cleaners who must empty a crime scene after the criminals have passed and before the arrival of the NYPD.

Stealth-action game Serial Cleaners unveiled in a new trailer in homage to the styles of films and games of the 90s. In this Draw Distance title edited by 505 Games, you play as a team of cleaners who go after the killers in different elimination missions.

Have you always wanted to know what happens after the biggest action scenes in your video games? Well Serial Cleaners tells the daily life of those who must pass the broom and clean the blood behind you, like Mr. Wolf, the one who solves the problems. For the occasion, the very colorful low poly graphics of the 70s of the first game now give way to isometric 3D of the 90s.

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The trailer reveals a little more the expertise of Bob C. Leaner, Lati, Vip3r and Psycho, each with a particular universe and background. While all 4 are equally effective at cleaning up a crime scene, they all have a unique ability to evade 90s New York police officers.

This sequel to the excellent Serial Cleaner (without S), which had attracted more than one and a half million players, will arrive in 2022 on PC via Steam, GoG and the EGS.

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