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where to find Elden Ring at the best price? News @VGR


Find thanks to “VGR” the best prices for the release of Elden Ring. Good deals, promotions and other good deals in real time thanks to our comparator.

the FromSoftware’s long-awaited RPG will be released on February 25, 2022 on PC and consoles. While waiting to find out more thanks to our test, you can already get the game or reread our second preview.

Thanks to VGRhere you will find a real-time price comparison that will allow you to find Elden Ring at the best price currently. If the prices are not displayed, consider unblocking your ad blocker.

Gamesplanet also announced the release of pre-order keys, and the game that will be available for download tomorrow, with a standard edition at -15% or a deluxe edition at -15%. As a pre-order bonus, you unlock the adventure guide and a bonus emote. You can also find it at a reduced price in our CDKeys shop or on Instant-Gaming.

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