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why the online service is no longer accessible? News @VGR


Following the latest firmware update on PS4 and PS5, the services of PS Plus and PSN, as well as some games, are no longer accessible for many players.

Hours after announcing the March 23 update rollout, Sony has had to deal with many messages on social networks from users who are down. Indeed, the PlayStation Network seems to be shut down this Wednesday, at least on the British and American servers, as well as all the online services of the PS5 and PS4 that updated its firmware.

Several games that require loginlike Gran Turismo 7 or FIFA 22, are also down as of this writing. A reader of VGR even advance that the PSN access icon on PS4 has literally disappeared.

According to our information, with some customers, a message tells you that the PS+ subscription is deactivated or you have to pay for a new subscription. You can find the list of services down on this link.

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How to fix March 23 PS Plus issue?

For now, the Sony support account has not announced a method to repair the problem, nor communicated on this breakdown which seems to be general. Come back to this article during the day to find out more…

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