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With Bungie, Sony wants to be more cross-platform


During a meeting, the boss of Sony returned to the acquisition of Bungie and affirmed that with it the Japanese company intends to open up to other platforms.

At the time of purchase from Bungie for more than $3 billion, Sony had said it wanted to let Destiny’s studio enjoy its independence. A desire that has once again been put forward by Kenichiro Yoshida at a very recent meeting. The CEO even went further by saying that Bungie will soon serve other ambitions.

Sony is targeting other platforms

That sony wants to move towards other horizons is not really a surprise. The firm had announced it previously: more games will be produced in the direction of the PC and mobiles. And today, during a discussion about his plans for the future, Yoshida supported this wish. More, it seems that Bungie will have a non-negligible part to play in these plans. A part that he will be able to fill on condition that the body examining this case is in favor of the buyout.

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As claimed, the newly acquired studio should primarily help Sony to acquire skills in the field of game services and would also be called upon to promote an opening towards platforms other than those of the Japanese brand. Obviously, one immediately thinks of the aforementioned supports, but also of the competing consoles of Microsoft. Which is entirely possible.

Some productions will then be intended to be offered elsewhere than on PlayStation. Licenses, which to use the expression of Jim Ryan about Xbox (and Call of more precisely), would not make sense if they were exclusive to a platform.

We believe this will be a catalyst to improve our capabilities in live gaming services […]Our acquisition of Bungie also represents a major step in becoming more cross-platform.

On reading the above-mentioned remarks, Bungie then takes on a certain symbolic posture which confirms Sony’s desire to export itself elsewhere. Bungie therefore stands out as the spearhead of this new strategy.

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