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Wizarding game Spells & Secrets unveils local co-op mode


Team up with your friends in the co-op mode of Spells & Secrets, a new wizarding school game, but this time in the form of a procedural roguelike.

Another game in the universe of a magical school! While the flagship of the genre, Hogwarts Legacy, will be released at the end of the year and take advantage of the Harry Potter universe, we know that the future Two Point Campus will have a school of wizards. From now on, it is the developer Alchemist Interactive which reveals a little more his roguelike called Spells & Secrets.

In this wizard school game planned for early access this summer and for a PC and Switch release in 2023, you play schoolboys with magical powers in a procedurally generated fantasy (but contemporary) roguelike world with realistic physics (well, realistic for magic huh). Players will be able to in-depth create their avatars and associate with wizard buddies in a local co-op featured in this video.

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The Kickstarter fundraising campaign for this game ends in a few hours, but the project has already won 450% of requested money. Tremble Harry!

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