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Wo Long: Fallen Dystany, the new hardcore game from Team Ninja (Nioh)


No, it’s neither Nioh 3 nor a new Onimusha opus, but rather a brand new license offered by Team Ninja. A game new hardcore game.

Announced with fanfare during the last Xbox Showcase, Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty presented his universe to us through a trailer which already says a lot about what we are going to go through.

Are you sure this isn’t a Nioh 3 in disguise?

Intended to be a “masocore” game according to its developers, Wo Long should therefore follow in the footsteps of Nioh and offer us a new vision of Japanese souls-like.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty will indeed immerse us in the middle of Japan of yesteryear, where historical wars, mysticism and legends mix. A time that Team Ninja now knows inside out.

But we do not know more for the moment, however, many elements should be given during the year, since Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is scheduled for release in early 2023 on Xbox Series, PC, and Xbox One, but also on PS5 and PS4. In addition, the software will integrate the Microsoft’s Game Pass upon release.

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