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Would Crash Bandicoot sign his return soon? News @VGR


Crash Bandicoot would return to mark the video game scene with its presence. If we are to believe some of the statements made, yes.

While the cult Crash came back with the compilation of his initial trilogy, he then came, some time later, with a fourth opus. And, it may well be that it will soon be followed by a new title. Finally, we should not expect a canonical episode either if the comments made by Jez Corden are indeed a real leak.

A brawler with Crash sauce

Once again, we will simply content ourselves with reporting a few remarks and thus risk displeasing certain readers eager to put more substantial elements in their mouths. But, unlike the rumor about Indiana Jones, which also involved Jez Corden, it seems that this is indeed information to be considered, with tweezers of course, but to be considered all the same. .

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A rumor had already arisen about the development of a new title for the license when a job offer had been published by Toys for Bob. Moreover, the developer himself had expressed his intention to continue to provide new elements for the series. And, according to the journalist of Windows Central, Jez Corden therefore, this next entry in the saga would be a multiplayer Crash and more precisely a Bawler being played up to four players. Is he right? In any case, Corden, who seems to have transmitted the info by mistake, seems more than confident about the thing:

A new Crash? I wonder where you got this information? I wasn’t supposed to divulge that. I think we could see a new Crash Bandicoot, and not only will it be a new Crash Bandicoot, but it will be a multiplayer Crash Bandicoot… It’s almost like a four player brawler, but Crash oriented.

We see what will happen and if this will verify the rumors that hang around here and there, evoking in particular a certain “Wumpa League”. Will the answer answer come during the upcoming conferences.

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