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Wreckfest is coming to a new console, for the 5th time


This is a fourth outing for Bugbear’s motorized combat game. After reaching the PC, then all the consoles and even Stadia, the turn of the Switch.

There are many games that get multiple release windows over the years, but it’s the fault of the reports. For the Wreckfest game, it’s even better: the title has been multiplying official release dates since 2018. Indeed, initially released on PC exactly 4 years agoBugbear Entertainment’s game then hit consoles Xbox One and PS4 in August 2019.

Then the new consoles PS5 and Xbox Series in May 2021, Stadia in December of the same year, and now, the Switch, this June 21, 2022. The fights of big cars good for the breakage will therefore arrive on Nintendo’s hybrid tomorrow with this spiritual successor to FlatOut. Check out 2 minutes of console gameplay in this video:

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