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Wreckfest is coming to Nintendo Switch


Originally released in 2019, the racing and demolition game Wreckfest will now appear on Nintendo’s console.

Wreckfest was first released on PC. It was in 2018. A year later, the title developed by Bugbear Entertainment was announced on PS4 and Xbox One. consoles new-gen were even able to welcome him recently. Only the Switch still lamented his absence. Which will be fixed this year. The title will arrive, at 30 fps, next June 21 on Nintendo’s hybrid.

Crumple sheet metal in single player or multiplayer

At the wheel of traditional vehicles or others that are a little more original (lawnmower, harvester, etc.)you will be allowed to taste the joys of demolition in solo or multiplayer, up to 16 players.

The title, offering around thirty vehicles and the various cosmetics of the two seasonal packs, will be presented in digital format but also in physical edition. In both configurations, the price will be €39.99.

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