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WWE wrestling franchise could leave 2K for EA


After several editions of the 2K game that did not convince, World Wrestling Entertainment would like to change publisher to relaunch the machine, according to rumors.

Will the great franchise transfer window arrive for the 2023 editions? We already know that FIFA could abandon EA Sports, thus leaving the door to a new series of games to replace the brand’s football games. 2K would also be announced in competition in this area, with the possibility of buying the rights of the international federation.

But for that, will the studio offload another franchise? In a podcast from the site specializing in wrestling, Fighting, WWE would have started discussions with EA to get closer to the studio.

Multiple sources said WWE has had preliminary discussions with EA to transfer the WWE line of games to one of the biggest game publishers in the world.

The main reason would be the failure of WWE 2K20a very average episode and which crystallized the critics of the fans who still have not digested the disappearance of Yuke’s studio from the credits listleaving only Visual Concepts alone on board.

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WWE 2K22, the latest installment in the series, has just been released and first impressions are pretty good. Is it enough to convince WWE to stay with Take-Two, the group that has been dealing with it since 2013, following the bankruptcy of THQ?