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X-Men screenwriter to adapt American McGee’s Alice for TV


American McGee’s universe around Alice in Wonderland will be adapted into a TV series by David Hayter, screenwriter of the first X-Men in the cinema, or of Watchmen.

Another new video game adapted for the small screen. While projects are flourishing on all VOD platforms and in cinemas, The Hollywood Reporter announces that EA has sold the adaptation rights to the series American McGee’s Alice at Radar Pictures.

The dark franchise of the tortured McGee is a very free interpretation of Lewis Carroll’s novel, with a first episode in 2000 and a sequel in 2011, Alice: Madness Returns. Wes Craven (Scream) was approached in 2001 to adapt the game into an animated film.

After several unsuccessful attempts, it is finally David Hayter, screenwriter of the excellent first X-Men in the cinema, or of the no less excellent Watchmen, another comic book adaptation, which signed on to adapt the game into a TV series.

American McGee’s Alice and Alice: Madness Returns is a groundbreaking re-imagining of the classic tale. She takes you to the heart of a corrupt wonderland and brings to light dark corners never before seen. I’m very excited to bring this world of madness and wonder to a global audience.

-David Hayter

Hayter is no stranger to the world of video games as he is also the voice of Solid Snake in the Metal Gear franchise.

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On his side, American McGee is still working on a third episode of the Alice universe, under the name Alice: Asylum. Apart from a few rumors, nothing has yet filtered on this project, which is not yet formalized on the side of EA and which is obviously still at the beginning of its design.

The film should take up the overall framework of the games, namely Alice’s return from Wonderland and her descent into madness after the death of her parents. Locked up in a psychiatric hospital, she returns to Wonderland which has become a chaos of destruction and nightmares. It’s certain, we’re not at Disney…

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