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Xbox Everywhere: Microsoft wants to dominate the world with the xCloud


For years, Microsoft has literally been trying to cover the world of its Xbox games and services and the firm intends to speed things up.

If Sony still capitalizes (for the moment) on its catalog of exclusivities and surfs on its popularity by slowly starting to take an interest in other media such as the PC or by strengthening its subscription services. Microsoft, for its part, has been infiltrating absolutely everywhere for many years to distance the competition and shake up the players already present (Google, Nvidia, etc.) in a market that is still young, streaming game.

Xbox to the head in the cloud

For years, Xbox has only one thing in mind: to make its games and services available absolutely everywhere and for everyone, with what it calls the Xbox Everywhere initiative.. Last year, Phil Spencer argued that “200 to 250 million households were interested in console video games”, which represented only “10% of the 3 billion potential players”. For Spencer, Xbox therefore had to “go get all these players on their phones, tablets, etc”. This is particularly why the Redmond firm has extended its xCloud offer to as many people as possiblewhile it was long reserved for Game Pass Ultimate subscribers.

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At a time when it is already possible to play its Game Pass games on PC, consoles, iOS and Android (via the xCloud), Microsoft is preparing to take the next step. According to the well-informed Tom Warren, the company is working on a mobile dongle stamped Xbox (a kind of Google Chromecast) which would allow you to play your Xbox games without a console and on any screen. As a bonus, again according to Warren, a partnership between the American giant and Samsung would be in preparation to integrate an Xbox application on Smart TVs from the Korean manufacturer. The journalist also claims that the xCloud would certainly expand its offer by becoming embedded in new markets and therefore, by offering its offer on new media.

Moreover, Microsoft should continue to add extremely buoyant and unifying games, such as Fortnite very recently. We can also easily imagine that titles like Call of Duty and Warzone would end up being integrated into the program if the deal with Activision ended up being validated. As a reminder, eventually Microsoft’s goal is to allow players to be able to play all their games, anywhere and on all types of media, taking advantage of the xCloud.

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If true, Microsoft could quickly establish itself as a game-streaming staple, and this time around could rightly be considered the “Netflix of gaming.” But for now, nothing has been confirmed and these are still only rumors and other predictions. We’ll definitely find out more at the next big Xbox Showcase scheduled for this summer.

As long as Xbox services don’t play it Skynet to us, it should.

Source: www.01net.com, new-game-plus.fr

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