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Xbox Game Pass will have a bunch of Activision Blizzard games


More than 25 million subscribers and pretty prospects in sight? Phil Spencer is not beating around the bush: he wants to “put as many Activision Blizzard titles as possible in the Xbox and PC Game Pass”, regardless of their age.

While the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft will take many months to materialize, if the antitrust regulators give the green light, Phil Spencer, CEO of Microsoft Gaming, adds that Xbox’s subscription service is more than ever at the heart of their strategy.

Because of this, his statement will not surprise: he wants to “put as many Activision Blizzard games as possible” in Xbox Game Pass, and also in PC Game Pass, whether old or new. Xbox Game Pass which, by the way, has surpassed 25 million subscribers to date, missing the internal objectives set.

Xbox Exclusive Call of Duty?

Obviously, this takeover poses the same question as Bethesda: will there be Xbox exclusives like CoD, Warcraft or why not a Crash Bandicoot 5? Clearly Microsoft isn’t spending $70 billion on favors, which makes sense. However, the situation is a bit more complicated.

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In 2021, Call of Duty was first and third best-selling PlayStation, in the USA. The firm may not want to see that money slip away.

What seems to be recorded, on the other hand, in view of Phil Spencer’s new statement, is that all future Activision Blizzard games should be available for release in Game Pass, as are all Xbox Game Studios productions.

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