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Xbox Series continues its rise in the Japanese market


Microsoft’s two latest consoles continue to grow on Japanese soil, to the point of already surpassing the previous result of the Xbox One.

According to figures revealed by Famitsuthe Xbox Series from Microsoft have been sold, as of this July 3, 2022, at more than 260 000 copies. This is far superior to what the Xbox One and its approximately 114,000 unitssince its arrival in 2014 on the Japanese archipelago. And, in the week the magazine shared the results alone, more than 9000 Xbox Series X and 2700 Xbox Series S have been distributed, which is nothing compared to the 20 000 units of the PS5.

Towards a success of the Xbox Series?

Honorable sales then, which, let’s remember, are not without some turbulence since the arrival of these last machines on the market. Maybe if there were no shortages, the figures would have been quite different and Sony’s console would have reached higher heights than what has now been achieved with its million and more copies sold in the land of the Rising Sun…

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Still, with its Xbox Series, Microsoft has made a small progress compared to what we could observe with the previous generation. But, will it continue to reach the record of the Xbox 360 which seduced some 1 million Japanese players. We’ll see. Everything will depend on the strategy that Microsoft will adopt towards this public. And, for the moment, the American company seems on the right track. In any case, that’s what it seems to be showing with the integration of the Persona series in its catalog.

But, one thing is for sure, there will be a lot to do to reach the 25 million of the Nintendo Switch.

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