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Xbox Series: with shortage, Spencer says it’s not looking good for the holidays


As we approach the holiday shopping season, Microsoft is pessimistic about its Xbox Series inventory.

Since the release of the PS5 and Xbox Series consoles, the market has been hit by a shortage of semiconductors that is drastically slowing down the industry. Sony, Microsoft, Nvidia, and even Nintendo are seriously starting to pull their tongues out since they can’t keep up with the growing consumer demand. And the situation is not going to get any better.

“A Christmas without a console” – next title of a TNT TV movie

According to Xbox leader Phil Spencer, it’s going to be especially hard to get enough Xbox Series on the shelves this holiday season. According to him, demand will most likely outstrip supply again this year.

I still think demand will outstrip supply for us this vacation. We’ll see when we get into 2023 if that supply catches up with the demand.

So it looks complicated for Xbox, especially since Sony has just increased the prices of its PS5, which could attract more consumers to the Xbox stable in these times of crisis. More globally, we’re not going to lie, the whole sector should certainly be impacted for the holidays. Maybe it’s time to ask for something other than a console at Christmas. Try board games.

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