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Xbox Series X: a price increase to be expected from Microsoft?


Sony has increased the price of its PS5, but what about Microsoft’s Xbox? The American firm gives us some answers.

It was the big news of the last few hours, Sony has decided to increase the prices of its PS5 Standard and Digital. In France, the increase is about fifty eurosan increase equivalent to the rest of the world except for the USA which is spared. The question then arises, what about the direct competitor Microsoft?

The Xbox will also take 50€?

When asked about the issue by our colleagues at Eurogamer, Microsoft wanted to reassure by saying that there was nothing planned on the subject currently.

We are constantly evaluating our business to provide our fans with great gaming options. The recommended retail price for the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X remains unchanged.

The Xbox Series X and S will therefore continue to be sold at around £500 and £300 respectively here. But this could be temporary.
Currently, inflation affects absolutely everything and everyone, so it could be that Microsoft will end up doing the same as its peers by increasing its prices too. According to several analysts, such as Piers Harding-Rolls, the firm is simply waiting to take advantage of the price difference with the PS5, to make up some ground during the end-of-year holidays, before reviewing its prices.

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Well, at the same time, everyone could have suspected it. But for the moment, obviously, no price increase is planned at Microsoft which should quickly sell out its Xbox Series X, but especially its little S which is the perfect candidate for small wallets in these complicated times. Without forgetting the Game Pass of course.

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