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Xenoblade 3: you wanted a Collector? Nintendo has bad news


Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is coming in a few days, but it looks like there’s a little problem with the Collector’s Editions.

Announced with great fanfare several weeks ago, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is expected on July 29th exclusively on Nintendo Switch. The highly anticipated JRPG even features a Collector’s Edition with several exclusive goodies, the only problem is that we’ll have to wait a while longer to get our hands on it.

No Collector’s Edition at launch, but a discount

The Japanese giant has indeed announced that it is currently meeting logistical problems preventing it from opening pre-orders for the Collector’s Edition of Xenoblade 3. Result, it will be necessary to wait for July 29the release date of the game, to finally order its precious edition.

There is, however, some good news. Nintendo has indeed reduced the price of the Collector’s Edition by simply raising the price of the game. The publisher announces that it wants to allow everyone to enjoy the game as soon as it is released without waiting for the collector’s edition.

To allow everyone to buy and enjoy the game upon release, we will now offer to purchase the Collector’s Edition bonus content (including packaging, an illustration booklet and a metal game case) separately at a price minus the price of the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 game. This means that you will be able to purchase the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 game when it is released on July 29, and then have the opportunity to pre-order the Collector’s Edition content in September on the My Nintendo Store.

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