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XIII: new gameplay for the remake of the remake


After the disaster of its first remake, XIII will soon return with a brand new version to try to redeem itself.

Released in 2020, the remake of XIII, an atypical FPS released almost 19 years ago now, has taken its feet in the carpet. The Microïd title was, indeed, full of bugs, ugly as anything and almost unplayable for some. In short, it was an abysmal failurebut the game has not said its last word since it intends to come back in force with a new version.

XIII Remake 2 Turbo Phoenix Edition Remastered

XIII will soon have the right to a new remake. It is rather a remake of the remake in reality, you follow? To do this, Microid gave the project to the Tower Five studio, which then had to rework the game in its entirety to recover the blunders of the developers of PlayMagic.

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The objective here will be to redo the AI as a whole, improve the visuals, fix the army of bugs and add a 13 player multiplayer mode. We don’t know if all the boxes will be validated by the release, but the game takes advantage of the summer season to show itself in a small gameplay trailer.

Although we will wait to have the game in our hands to rule, the gameplay video still shows us some notable visual improvements.

XIII is scheduled to be released on September 13 on PS5, Xbox Series, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One. Note that the update will be free for those who already own the original version (of the remake).

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