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Yoko Taro’s work adapted into an anime? News @VGR


Is Yoko Taro’s work about to be adapted into an anime? According to a rumor, it is even more than possible.

Beware, this is just a mere rumour, and shouldn’t be taken more seriously than is necessary for this sort of thing. It’s not certain that it’s true…but, it’s also possible that it’s more than just gossip.

The noise comes from Spanku²?, who spread the so-called news on his page Twitter. According to him, and even if he does not advance any proof to support his point, there is no doubt to have: NieR Automata will be entitled to an anime adaptation. So what credit should we give him? We will let time do it, to confirm or refute his statements. Only, the said leaker has apparently already proven himself in the past, thus contributing to certain revelations.

If this supposed leak is confirmed, how will you react to the announcement of an anime production of NieR: Automata? Would you be satisfied or not?

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