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You have to spend 6000 euros to get all Pokémon, 600 for Gran Turismo


How much does it cost to be a collector in 2022? A study shows the average price to spend to get a complete collection depending on the license, Pokémon, Mario, Gran Turismo or Halo.

Have you ever wondered how much money you spent on a game or series to get all the editions? No? I haven’t either. Fortunately, some people have the time to do such studies and report their findings. So, on the Dutch website Time2playthe statistics reveal that it is necessary to spend, today, 6000 euros to have the whole Pokémon collection.

For this, the research is based on the average online price to get each of the titles. With its 22 editions since 1996, Pokémon made you pay 6000€, in front of Super Mariowhich has one more title, but “only” costs 2726€. Then comes another ancient license, Zeldawith 19 games and 1628€ spent.

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Finally, despite its 28 games, FIFA would represent only 600€ of expenses, proof of a great disinterest for the collection.

At the opposite extreme, the Borderlands series, which admittedly has only 4 games, is worth almost nothing on auction sites, 25€ on average to collect everything.

As is often the case with these studies (and this site), the methodology obviously doesn’t allow us to make a generalization. Besides, all this is based on one site (Ebay) and does not count all the DLC or other content to be paid in a series to really have everything. Let’s remember that some of these games are still sold as new on official stores while the prices are based on the average price, including used.

And you, what is the biggest expense you had to make to get the game you were missing?

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