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Zenith: The Last City – VR MMO Opens Soon


Ramen VR has just announced on video the release date of its virtual reality MMO, and it’s for the end of the month.

There was already Wanderer planned for the January 27, 2022, then came to be added AVICII Invector: Encore Edition and then it was the turn of Lost Recipes, and now Zenith: The Last City. So that makes 4 major VR titles announced for the same date. This is indeed what we have just discovered through the launch trailer uploaded by Ramen VR.

Expected for several years on PCVR, but also PSVR and Meta Quest, the title will enter its second beta phase this weekend. He seems to be on the right track with a solid social dimension complementing his combat effectively adapted to VR. And that’s without counting on all the promises of the developer announced on its 2022 roadmap and probably more.

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Could it finally be the Cross-platform MMO that many have been waiting for a long time in virtual reality?

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