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Zenless Zone Zero, the title of miYoHo, is revealed


It was expected, the studio of Genshin Impact has now lifted the curtain on its new creation: an urban fantasy game.

The new game of miYoHo (Genshin Impact) was revealed earlier this week. However, all that was known was simply the title: Zenless Zone Zero. The information had to follow, and it just happened.

Zenless Zone Zero: An Apocalyptic World

This new title, with a well-felt anime style (like the studio’s previous works), takes place in a world ravaged by a supernatural catastrophe where the only bastion of humanity now resides in the existence of a single city, New Eridu.

The player will find himself in the shoes of a “proxy”. Its goal is to accompany any individual in the species of dimensions, the “hollows”who precipitated the downfall of urban civilization in order to serve its purpose and protect it from the monsters that swarm there.

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Firstly, Miyoho’s action-RPG will come to PC and mobile. It should then announce itself on other platforms. Its release date is not yet known, but it is already possible to register on the official page for future tests.

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