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Zordix Group acquires the publisher Maximum Games


Swedish video game group Zordix AB has just acquired Maximum Games for several million dollars.

For an initial amount of $ 42 million, plus an additional estimated at $ 30 million, Zordix Group just got a very big Christmas present ahead of time. Indeed, thanks to this purchase made, partly in cash and the rest in action, Zordix considerably expands its horizon and sees the entry of more than 300 new titles in its catalog. The group asserts itself as a driving force in the development and publishing of AA video games.

The founder and CEO of Maximum Games, Christina Seelye, will serve as Group COO. Maximum Games will continue to work and forge new collaborations, both creative and commercial, in order to become the market leader in AA game publishing.

Born in 2009 and now at the head of 78 people, officiating in the United States, United Kingdom or Brazil, Maximum Games is part of World’s Top 20 Video Game Companies. The company has also created its own publishing label – Modus Games – to whom we owe the games Super Animal Royale, Cris Tales but also Trine 4.

With Maximum Games on board, we are now equipped with an incredible infrastructure that has a proven track record in all aspects of video game publishing. […] The experience Maximum Games brings to the table allows us to grow a lot, which of course means more exciting games on the horizon!

– Matti Larsson, Founder and CEO of Zordix.

We are extremely honored to join Zordix and continue the development of both companies together. This move allows us to invest in more intellectual property, development studios, and promote what we love most: great games.

– Christina Seelye.

This is not the first time that Zordix acquires new companies sincethey also bought Merge Games and Just for Games. They are, moreover, the parent company of Dimfrost Studio, Invictus Games and Zordix Racing.

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