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A leak at Bandai Namco? Really?


Very recently, a certain image that mentioned some new releases from Bandai Namco was circulating. But well, as we suspected, it’s all full of inconsistencies.

This tuesday, July 12tha list that was designated as a possible leak of the release schedule that Bandai Namco had in store for 2023 was circulating. And, it came at the right time, as the Japanese company was reportedly hit by a cyber attack. However, everything that was shown cannot be anything but false.

A good opportunistic joke

So here we are, it’s not a surprise, but it turns out – after taking the time to find out a bit more (and especially from Dualshokers) – that this so-called leak is just a big joke.

First, there is an element that had completely escaped us, but not to some of you: fiscal year 2023. In fact, we are already there. And, the first quarter has already begun, and this, since April. Result: no Armored Core and DB Breakers. Well, not in this world.

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Then, many other inconsistencies are indeed to be noticed. First, the episode Digimon mentioned does not correspond at all with what has been declared by the development team that does not consider such a sequel at all. Then there are the logos. When the one of Tales of Ascension seems to be simply a revisit of the Arisethe one of Tekken 8, would have been created by a youtuber and would have been thus taken again here. And, there is the name of the Elden Ring DLC, Barbarians of the Badlands, which has been pointed out by the community as something incongruous.

Anyway, let’s turn the page. Did you like the joke?

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