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Bandai Namco is hiring for the remaster of a Nintendo game


In a series of job offers posted on its official website, Bandai Namco announces that it is working on the remaster of a Nintendo 3D action game.

Another remaster for Nintendo’s consoles? In a job posting, Bandai Namco is indeed looking for new faces to take care of a project related to an IP of Big N which has not yet been announced.. In a series of open jobs on the studio’s official website, we find out that the job will be “remastering 3D sets in HD”.

Further on, the game is described as a “3D action game commissioned by Nintendo”. The team will also have to propose a level design concept to recreate the game, the placements of the elements and the decorations.

Only problem for now: the two studios have often worked together and the list of 3D licenses that may be affected by this remaster is long enough to have a clue. One can cite for example two episodes of Star Fox, two Smash Bros, but also a slew of Mario Kart games.

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Well that’s all very nice, but when will there be a real sequel to DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi?

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