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DR Dre invites himself into GTA Online


Rockstar has announced a collaboration with the rapper for GTA Online. On the program: a mission that stages him, sending him to meet Franklin (GTA 5), and many other things.

As rumor has it, Dr. Dre will be fine in GTA. However, if some of you believed in a collaboration for the sixth opus of the series, it is not: the famous rapper will show up in a scripted DLC planned for GTA Online.

The new mission (“The contract”) which will be proposed will feature one of the key characters of GTA 5: Franklin clinton. The latter, now at the head of an agency responsible for helping the elite of Vinewood, is looking for a reliable partner and a high net worth client who would allow him to run his small business. It is in this context that Dr. Dre appears. Having lost his phone, containing unreleased music, he will trust Clinton by asking him to recover it.

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In addition to the presence of the said artist in this mission, the track will host a new radio station containing not only unreleased tracks by Dr. Dre but also compositions owned by others. You will also be allowed to use new weapons, pilot new vehicles, etc. Details can be found on the official website.

Rockstar will deploy this content on December 15th.

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