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F1 22 rolls out patch 1.05 for a much more enjoyable gameplay experience


Released at the beginning of July, F1 22 has already met its small success despite some bugs deplored by the community. Fortunately, Codemasters was quick to react.

The new patch 1.05 has been deployed by the studio in response to numerous problems spotted by the budding pilots. So don’t expect any new additions or other new features, the bugs are the main target of this update to say the least. We can still note some slight balancing here and therebut we will let you discover that in detail below.

F1 22 patch 1.05 on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Series and PC

    – Internal combustion engine wear rate has been lowered to minimize the impact of aggressive downshifts and over-revving.
    – Resolved an incorrect collision at turn one in Jeddah.
    – Virtual mirror visibility setting now applies correctly.
    – Characters on the podium are now displayed correctly.
    – ATH items now display correctly in split screen races.
    – Fixed an issue where the team badge would display corrupted after a race weekend in My Stable.
    – Loyalty pack items now display correctly in users’ inventory.
    – Fixed a frame rate reduction issue when using Fanatec Load Cell pedals.
    – Updated My Stable engine reliability ratings (will not affect existing careers).
    – Updated fuel quantity for F1® Sprint events in Bahrain.
    – Rain no longer appears inside the car during supercar replays.
    – Fixed an issue where the race engineer would notice a component problem and immediately declare it resolved.
    – Adaptive triggers now have the correct resistance on PC.
    – Fixed an issue in rolling starts where AI drivers could brake to avoid passing vehicles that were giving way.
    – Fixed an issue when dropping out of Qualifying 1 or 2 despite having enough time to move on to the next session, which would result in a transition to the race.
    – Fixed a crash that could occur when joining an ongoing Friendly Game room.
    – Sponsors can now be correctly applied to the player’s car.
    – Improved overall stability.
    – Various minor fixes.


    – Fixed a crash when entering a multiplayer lounge in progress.
    – Fixed an issue where the starting grid option could not be changed in multiplayer lounges.

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