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Genshin Impact gives news of the Switch version


Two years after the announcement of the port of the game on Switch, Genshin Impact gives some news. And take the opportunity to compensate the players who will not have the 2.7 update on time.

The Switch version of Genshin Impact is not cancelled. The mobile game, PS and PC of miHoYo, one of the most profitable of all time, would be wrong to deprive itself of it elsewhere. But, expected since 2020, this version on Nintendo’s hybrid console is slow to point the tip of its nose.

In a statement on the site goNintendothe brand’s public relations manager therefore officially denied the cancellation of this port.

The Nintendo Switch version is still under developmentt, and we will share information as we progress

Gifts for PC, PlayStation and mobile gamers

The publisher and developer has undoubtedly had some delays with the global health context, but the project seems to be well in the pipeline. By the way, the latest patch of the game for PS4, PS5, PC and mobile editions, version 2.7, also shows a small delay. The patch was postponed a few days ago and to make up for it, miHoYo announced weekly compensation from May 11 until the release of this 2.7

Weekly Compensation: Primo-Gem ×400, Fragile Resin ×1, Hero’s Lessons ×7, Mystic Empowerment Ore ×16, Mora ×120,000

If less than a week separates the date of the version 2.7 update and the sending of the last weekly compensation, the content of the final weekly compensation will be adjusted according to the number of days remaining.

First free loot on May 11 at 4 a.m. with us!

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