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Gran Turismo 7: patch 1.19 is here with three new cars and more


The car simulation welcomes a new patch, three new cars, tracks and a slew of fixes.

Polyphony Digital has released a new patch for its baby. In addition to three new cars and a handful of circuitsthe studio takes advantage of this patch to bring a few strokes of polish here and thereespecially in its interface. As a bonus, Polyphony fixes some bugs residual bugs. A generous patch in short.

Gran Turismo 7 patch 1.19 PS5,PS4



  • Maserati A6GCS/53 Spyder ’54 (available for purchase at Legend Cars from July 29)
  • Nissan Skyline Super Silhouette Group 5 ’84 (available or for purchase at Legend Cars from July 29)
  • Porsche 918 Spyder ’13


  • There are 20 new sets of conversations with the characters appearing in the Cafe. These new conversations can be accessed by switching cars in the garage and talking with the character in the cafe.
  • In the additional menus, cars that have not yet been purchased can be added to a wish list.
  • Menu Book #43: Neo-Classical Competition (Collector Level 33 and up)
  • Menu Book #44: Hypercar Parade (Collection Level 35 and up)
  • Extra menu #4: Collection: Nissan Fairlady Z (collection level 29 and higher)
  • Extra menu #5: Collection: Dodge Viper (Collector Level 34 and higher)

World circuits
The following new events have been added to the world tours:

  • Neo-classical competition
  • Fuji International Speedway
  • Red Bull Ring
  • Willow Springs International Raceway
  • Parade of hypercars
  • Kyoto Driving Park
  • 24 Hours of Le Mans circuit
  • Trial Mountain Circuit

Brand Central

  • New Museum entries have been added for Tesla in the Americas section, and Radical in Europe section.


  • The city of Tomica and the Shizuoka region have been added as featured curations in Scapes.

GT Auto

  • Toyo Tires Proxes has been added to [Car Customization] > [Livery Editor] > [Race Options] > [Tire Stickers]


  • Tires, power limiters and ballasts can now be purchased in the Race Shop in the quick menu. The Race Shop is only available in the quick menu for races where garage cars are allowed. In addition, the Race Shop can be accessed from the quick menu in the lobby and meeting place. However, it can only be accessed from the Race Details screen in Sport mode before entry.

Lobby/Meeting Place/Sport

  • The function “Test the quality of the connection” has been added to the main page of the Sport mode.
  • Based on the parameters of the race event, the performance balance (BoP) is now displayed in three variants: high speed (H), medium speed (M) and low speed (L).
  • Message templates are now supported in chat. Message templates can only be used in Lobby, Meeting Place and Sport modes. Please note that templates cannot be used in conjunction with free text input.
  • The option “Mute Chat Messages” has been added to the menu when selecting a user in the member list.
  • User chat messages will now be automatically muted after being reported using the “Report User Message” feature.

Customized Race/Lobby

  • The option “Ghost during the race” under [Course personnalisée] > [Paramètres des pénalités] has been deleted.
  • The “Load Settings” and “Save Settings” functions have been added to the settings screen in Custom Race and

Lobby. Up to 50 settings can be stored for each of the Custom Race and Lobby modes;

  • When loading settings for a different track in Custom Race, all settings except the track, weather and time (both Preset and Custom Weather) will be loaded. In a Lobby, all settings will be loaded.
  • When you use [Sélection de rivaux] > [Sélectionner dans le garage] in the rivals settings, if the car registered in the race settings no longer exists in the garage, it will be replaced by the car that the player is currently driving.
  • In addition to being able to save settings, it is possible to overwrite and delete previous settings from the new save button.
  • Parameters can be named using up to 32 characters.
  • The save screen is also accessible from [Lobby] > [Quick Menu] > [Race Settings].


  • “Available storage” and “Chat function” have been added to the Global tab.
  • Available storage: displays the size of the items saved on the console storage.
  • Chat function: enables or disables the chat function in the lounge and online shopping.

When the chat function is disabled, a yellow system message is displayed in the chat history, but all sent and received messages are hidden.

Other improvements and adjustments

Physical simulation model

  • We have resolved a problem where setting the countersteer assist to “Strong” was producing excessive feedback on the steering controllers with some cars.

Steering controllers

  • We have adjusted the control method for maximum steering rotation on Logitech G923 racing wheels. Reaching the limit now produces a natural level of feedback. The maximum rotation will be different depending on the vehicle.


    We have moved the initial position of the cursor when entering the Café so that it is now set on the Menu Book icon on the far left;

My page

  • The text in the Milestones section for completing all Bronze or Gold missions has been replaced with a number by the name of the scene.


  • In My Library, the details screen for content that has not yet been shared has been changed to a lighter color to help differentiate from content that has already been shared.

License Center

  • We fixed a problem where the player’s ghost would not appear after completing a full time trial on the Super License stages “S-8 Autodromo de Interlagos” and “S-10 Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps”.

Wish List

  • Wish lists for Brand Central, Legend Cars and Used Cars are now displayed together.


  • We fixed the horn function so that it plays during an engine swap in [Garage] > [Tuning Parts].

GT automatic

  • The correct width of the car can now be seen after installing a wide body kit under [Entretien et service de la voiture] > [Modification]. Please note that the Willys MB ’45 Jeep is not affected by this change.


  • We have fixed a problem in the race settings where it was possible to adjust the “Initial Fuel” after setting the “Fuel Consumption Rate” to Off.
  • We fixed a problem where the viewpoint when selecting “Spectate” could not be changed after a race had started.
  • On the “Spectate” screen, the control panel would only reappear after pressing the confirm or cancel buttons if it had been hidden by pressing the cancel button.
  • All cars are now ghosted when they collide with other cars at excessive speeds, regardless of the Driver’s Rating (DR) when “Ghosting During Race” is set to Strong in the penalty settings.

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