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SEGA sells its last shares in the arcade and disappears from Japan


There were only a few drops of SEGA left in the arcade world, with its stores in Japan. But it is now over.

It’s a page that turns for the flagship of video games in Japan, SEGA. The brand, which still had an arcade branch in Asia, sold its last shares to GENDA. Its stores will be renamed GiGO, thus removing the brand from the streets, after more than 50 years of good and loyal service.

Until now, the survival of SEGA arcades hung by a thread, or rather 14.9% of SEGA that were not yet sold to GENDA. The group had already bought almost all of the shares in 2020. The SEGA Sammy holding company indicated that it was the health crisis and the current lack of profitability which prompted the company to dispose of the remaining 15%.

It is therefore the end of the SEGA Entertainment branch, which becomes GENDA GiGO Entertainment. It is estimated that there were up to 1000 SEGA theaters in Japan at its height in the mid-9s0, when the country had more than 20,000 theaters. According to the latest figures published by the JapanTimesJapan has only 4,000 theaters open.

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Source: game.watch.impress.co.jp

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