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Valheim receives its new major update


Iron Gate’s survival game is not dead, far from it, and the software even takes a new step with its “Mountain” update.

A surprise nugget of 2021 and exclusive to the PC, Valheim drove Steam completely crazy for weeks by squatting the top sellers. As the game racked up millions, the developers looked directly to the future by sharing a roadmap and starting to release regular updates.

So far all promises have been kept, and the software continues to grow. Today, moreover, it marks a new stage with the deployment of its update called Mountain update.

XXL frozen mountains and caves

Where “Hearth and Home” was mainly about housing, the Mountain Update is more about the environment. With this new shift, the app further improves its snow biome with many reliefs and above all a new type of frozen caves.

The latter, announced rather large, will be the dens of new enemies, materials and equipment. Budding explorers will therefore be able to have fun and discover a whole host of new objects and useful raw materials, especially for crafting new tools.

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Nevertheless, be aware that these new features can only appear in a still unexplored snow biome, so that the procedural generation can create the frozen caverns without a hitch. So if you’ve already skimmed your map back and forth, now’s the time to play again.

In addition, Iron Gate announced that Valheim would be natively compatible with Valve’s Steam Deck. Good news, especially since the latter is already starting to be delivered by King Gabe himself.

The full patch note can be found here.

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