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Bang retires competitively


He is one of the few players to have won the League of Legends Worlds multiple times, Bae “Bang” Jun-sik is a true legend at the post of CDA. The South Korean has won almost everything during his career, going domestic titles in LCK, IEM Katowice, MSI to Worlds, twice. The only trophy missing from his list are the Rift Rivals but you can’t really count that as an important competition in League of Legends history.

After a career filled with awards and trophies, Former SKT T1 ADC Just Announced Competitive Retirement. 25 years old, it’s time for bang to go to do compulsory military service, just like his compatriot Kim “Khan” Dong-ha. Even if his end of career was not as successful as during his heyday, he still had the merit of finishing it in the LCK.

Indeed, after a failure in qualifying for the Worlds in 2018, Bang had gone to North America at 100 Thieves, in whom the passage will have been very disappointing. Not qualified for the playoffs in both segments in 2019, he had even been relegated to an academy. He then joined Evil Geniuses, with whom it had gone better even though he still failed to qualify for the Worlds. In 2021, he decided to return to South Korea, at Afreeca Freecs where the roster collapsed in Spring Split before being placed on the bench for the Summer Split.

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So it’s a very sad end for this legend who was part of one of League of Legends’ most domineering rosters in 2015 and is one of five players to have won the Worlds twice. We hope to see Bang again after his military service, whether in a coaching staff or as a content creator.

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