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Dragon Age 4 Creative Director Leaves Franchise and BioWare


Like last year at the same time, Dragon Age 4 loses one of its managers. EA says it is confident to carry out its project despite the departures.

It’s the end of an era for Dragon Age. Joining other Bioware figures who have announced their departure, the creative director of the franchise, Matt Goldman, leave the ship.

In charge of Dragon Age 4, he had previously been artistic director on the three previous opus and started as an artist at BioWare with the Baldur’s Gate II project.

Kotaku specifies that this departure was formalized by “mutual agreement” with the company in an email sent to employees on Wednesday.

We understand that Matt’s departure has an impact on you, as well as the development of the game. Rest assured that our commitment to high-quality Dragon Age gaming has not wavered, and we won’t deliver a game that isn’t. not up to BioWare standards.

We, including EA’s management team, have absolute faith in the direction of the studio and the people who work on this game to deliver our vision.

According to EA, Matt Goldman is leaving the next game “in excellent hands”, without announcing the name of a new person in charge of this project. A communication similar to that of last year, when the executive producer of the game and the boss of the studio left.

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The road seems to be strewn with pitfalls for Dragon Age 4, in work for 6 years and whose rumors foresee a release in 2023.

Source: kotaku.com

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