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Elden Ring: Demon’s Souls Remake puts pressure on developers


It was during an interview that Hidetaka Miyazaki returned to the work Bluepoint has done on the Demon’s Souls remake and its impact on the development of Elden Ring.

Released as a launch game PS5, the remake of Demon’s Souls had excellent feedback thanks to its many qualities, especially technical. Interviewed in the columns of the magazine Edge, Miyazaki looked back at the work Bluepoint did on their PS3-era baby.

And when asked if the technique of Demon’s Souls Remake had an impact on the game and the graphics team in Elden Ring, man does not hide that they have had, and certainly still have, a heat stroke.

Yes, I’m sure our graphics team felt that pressure more than anyone.

However, Miyazaki insists his team did “a great job on Elden Ring”, to sign “the best game ever designed by FromSoftware” and that, anyway, graphics are not a priority for the studio which clearly prefers to spend its energy on everything else.

Graphics rendering is not our top priority. What we want graphically depends on the demands of the platforms and the game itself. It is a lower priority compared to other elements of development.

It is true that Souls are clearly not technical standards, but all of them have a real artistic imprint. However, the work revisited by Bluepoint clearly won the unanimity of the public and the press. Not only is the artistic direction still on the high level as it was back then, but as a bonus, Bluepoint has done a real visual job in addition to adding its personal touch.

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A detail that did not escape Miyazaki, father of the original game, who admits to having found it particularly interesting, even if he will never play there, as for Elden Ring for that matter.

I didn’t play the Demon’s Souls remake. But that’s just because I don’t like playing the games I’ve made in the past. […] It brings up a lot of old emotions and old memories, to the point where it gets a little overwhelming, and I don’t feel like playing anymore. So I didn’t touch the Demon’s Souls remake, but I’m very happy to see that it benefits from this new style, these brand new graphics adapted to current technology. […] What is really fun is seeing that Bluepoint Games did things that we hadn’t even considered and that they addressed certain elements of the game, including its visuals and mechanics, in ways that we couldn’t or didn’t want to do at the time.. See them search and apply these new ideas and new techniques is something really exciting and interesting for me.

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