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FIFA 23 was only 6 cents on the Epic Games Store


A nice bug on the Epic store allowed some users to get the upcoming soccer game from EA Sports for a few cents.

Magnificent “own goal”. from Epic Games, which admits the mistake without flinching, and even laughs about it. A few days ago, on its Indian store, the pre-order for the latest game FIFA 23 from EA Sports was offered at… 4.8 rupees (not 4800, which would be 60 euros). Thus, some customers could get the game for 6 cents.

In an email sent to customers who asked about this error, the seller said confirmed that despite the mistake, he was committed to respect all pre-orders. Unfortunately, the problem has since been fixed and despite all the goodwill of yours truly to take advantage of the bug (it’s for work), it is no longer available.

But now I have an account in Tamil, so here I am.

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