Home News In support of Ukraine, EA removes Russia from its FIFA games

In support of Ukraine, EA removes Russia from its FIFA games


Electronic Arts is also boycotting Russia and withdrawing all Russian teams and clubs from its football games on consoles, PCs and mobiles.

We will not dwell on the appalling war that is currently destroying Ukraine, the news channels and social networks are sufficiently saturated with it. But what is certain is that no one can remain indifferent to this escalation of violence, not even the video game industry.

In response to this conflict, whether to support Ukraine, protest against the war, or protect their own, some players – such as CSG Games with STALKER 2 – have put the development of their game on stand-by or postponed the release. their game. And others send money directly, such as CD Projekt, Techland or Wargaming.net.

Today, it is EA who reacts and decides to remove all Russian teams and clubs from its FIFA games. It includes FIFA 22, FIFA mobile and FIFA Online. The publisher also announces the arrival of additional measures on several other titles in its stable.

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A symbolic gesture in support of the Ukrainian people who are currently suffering one of the greatest stupidities and follies of man: war.

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