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Kojima works with Sony motion capture studios


Hideo Kojima is currently supervising motion capture teams at PlayStation’s Los Angeles studio. Death Stranding 2 on track?

Hideo Kojima is back at Sony’s motion capture performance studio. In a tweet published yesterday, the Japanese developer recalled the strong ties that unite it with the manufacturer of the PlayStation. For this, he showed his work setup, Sony’s MADO system, acquired in 2020, a kind of life-size teleconference screen that allows him to supervising “on-site work” on the West Coast of the USA.

And in the left window, we discover busy crews in the motion capture filming shed well known to Kojima-san fans, since this is where the recordings for Death Stranding were made. It is also this place that has been chosen for certain PS exclusives such as God of War.

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The Californian studio had also been used by Capcom for Resident Evil Village (as we can see here). Without revealing what project it is, Kojima could here give indirect news on one of his “two major games” previously announced, one of which could be in VR. As a reminder, for many months, the rumor of a Death Stranding 2 has been strong, especially since actor Norman Reedus was in negotiations with Sony last summer. At the end of the year, Kojima also opened his studio dedicated to cinema and animation in Los Angeles.

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