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New name, new logo, Koch Media has a new look


Founded in the early 90’s, Koch Media has just started a small change. After 28 years of existence, the group is now known under another name.

Koch Media is a group that occupies a significant place in the industry, and it was already before its acquisition in 2018 By Embracer. Certainly, since that time, its activities have gained importance and evolved, as CEO Klemens Kundratitz , among others, states , however, it has been accompanying gamers for much longer.

A new stage

Since its creation, in 1994the company operates in several branches. For example, it acts as a game distributor, owns development studios, such as Volition, and has publishing labels that are well known, such as Prime Matter, Deep Silver

In short, today, all these companies are now under a different name and logo: Plaion. A change that wants, according to Kundratitz, to reflect a new stage, the one that was notably reached four years ago with the takeover by Embracer. Mainly, it is a desire to impose itself as a world-class entity, which, according to what was said during an interview with Games Industry, was perhaps not perceived as such until now. And, in this desire, the name has a particular importance, it is the sign of an opening, because more accessible than the previous name. Here is what was said:

We have made such a huge transformation since we joined the Embracer Group. For many years our name was associated with physical distribution, and we were perhaps more of a Central European company, although we did include the UK, which was one of the first three countries we started in. But we may not be seen as a global company. And that’s sometimes hard for some people to pronounce.

A new milestone that will somehow be ushered in very soon with a major release, that of the Saints Row reboot. The game is expected for August 23.

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